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Coastal Chargers Youth Football offers both flag and tackle grade-based programs.  All coaches will be USA Football Certified to assure player safety, proper techniques, and on-going education are our highest priority.  Our goal is to provide both players and coaches with the skills and guidance to reach their full football potential in a safe and fun environment.

** As the season progresses, coaches will begin to introduce athletes to tackle.  This will be alongside the current program and will not interfere with the schedule or currently run practices. THIS IS OPTIONAL.  A form will be handed out for you to opt in  or out. 

Coastal Charger Youth Football Programs Include:

Flag Football

  • Grades K-1
    • An introduction to the sport of football and the basic understanding, rules, and skills required.
    • Age-appropriate drills, training, and scrimmages
    • Practices will typically be 2 dayS per week with the potential to schedule in-town scrimmages on weekends
  • Grades 2 and Up
    • An intermediate level program to further build upon football skills and development.
    • Practices will typically be 2 days per week throughout the season with the potential for in-town.  Game schedules are subject to coach and field availability.
    • All skills taught will be age appropriate for the levels that your athlete is playing in.

Our Goal For The Future - Tackle Football

Our goal from the beginning has been to create a well rounded Flag and Tackle Football program.  We know it is not an easy feat which is why we are working hard towards that future.  Below is a summation of what the future could look like with increased participants and parent/ community support! The Future is bright for Coastal! 

Future Tackle Overview

  • All tackle program teams participate in the Shoreline Youth Football Conference, which is a competitive travel-based program where teams will compete in official games against towns throughout the state.  All teams within the SYFC are grade-based to assure competition and skill levels are consistent across town programs.
  • Teams typically practice 3-4 days per week plus a weekly game each Sunday during the season. The regular season includes eight games over the course of nine weeks (4 home/4 away plus 1 bye week). Teams compete in a playoff championship format at the conclusion of the regular season.
  • Team specific practice and games schedules can vary by grade and subject to coach availability.  The tackle season typically begins with official practices in early August and games beginning in late August/early September.

Future POTENTIAL Tackle Program Levels

  • Grades 2-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-7
  • Grade 8

Practice Attire:

Athletic clothing. I.e. shorts and t-shirt for warm weather, pants/ long sleeve shirt for cooler weather. Cleats are not required but recommended.


Jerseys will be provided for game days